Politically Incorrect- Oct 21, 2014- Special Guest Assemblyman John Hambrick

Politically Incorrect- Oct 21, 2014- Special Guest Assemblyman John Hambrick.

Lets look at the world and the events of the day and discuss them without concern for offense. Political Correctness is the disease the permeates our society and makes communication between us problematic. If we remain divided we will surely be destroyed.

With Election Day, Nov 4th 2014, closing in, and local government taking the point once again for most of us. We meet today with Assemblyman John Hambrick, AD2 of Nevada, to discuss the events of the legislature, concerns for the future and longterm goals of a state that that continues to redefine itself under the shadows of its bigger sisters. Join me today for a no holds barred conversation.

Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It.

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