Interview with Pastor Manning

On the 13th of June 2017 at 840am/1140am pt/et tune into the Pastor Manning Show,, I’m going to be his guest to discuss the ongoing efforts to free Jeff Weinhaus, 

Tune in and learn what a miscarriage of justice looks like and how our actions can be used to protect ourselves and future generations. 

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The Battle of Midway Still Teaches the Value of Intelligence, Decisive Action | The Cipher Brief

Considering the political, legal and social environment that we function in as lawyers ,this article tells a story and provides real world application as to extrapolation from limited information and it’s importance.

1st Prison Sentence Given in Bundy Armed Standoff in Nevada | Nevada News | US News

87 months for a conspiracy the govt hasn’t proven, after being held in prison for16 months already, charged in alleged crimes that occurred before he was present and finished before he arrived & then punished by the court for withdrawing his plea.  I’m not sure how to react.