Technology, Toys and Cutting Edge Issues. A simple description about my curiosities and my workplace.

I became a lawyer with the vision of the White Knight. The lone chivalrous man, maintaining the balance between good and evil, the last resort.

The issues we face today have their roots in our grandparents time and sometimes further back, but some just amaze us all as they develop in front of our very eyes.

I use Technology as a sword and a shield, it allows me to remain accessible and productive in environments unheard of in traditional law practices, and Traditional is something I am not.

I was a geek when it wasn’t fashionable, in a time of the Commodore PET and the Radio Shack Color Computer. I trace my Technology roots back to the first personal computers of the early 1980’s, the TRS-Models 1 & 3, and the advent of the hand-held device/PDA having had several Palm devices since the late 90’s. I retired my Treo 680  and converted to Blackberry only a short time ago.

Technology when used wisely allows our clients access to us when they need us; allows us access to resources when we need them; and allows us to give better service at a lower cost. As  a capitalist that’s a good thing.

I want to take us both on a tour of the toys, tricks and resources available to Legal Professionals and the changing legal landscape that occurs right before our eyes. I want to see how much more we can squeeze out of our practices, associations and results.

I hope you enjoy the ride.