Cops Ask Armed Citizens To Fight Terrorists. What Could Go Wrong?

While my political positions and overall perspective is different than that of the huff post, the article below reflects the current far that had been thrust upon us by our political establishment.  As a gun owner,  the responsibility to properly use the weapon in a safe manner is mine.  Along with the obligation to use it when necessary to protect those around me.  But,  the fear that this article directs or attention to neglects to place the blame were it belongs;  with the political establishment that had failed in dealing with an overt threat to the American Way of Life and the founding precepts.  When a that is not being dealt with our at its best being ignored for political gain,  the resulting turmoil must be recognized as planned.  So,  if the position of the huff post,  that armed citizens can poser a danger to their fellow citizens,  then why are they not standing up for waits to remove or mitigate the threat?