Americans Come First, 06/23/2015

Americans Come First

The Warren Markowitz Show, It’s My World You Just Live In It. A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day.

Americans come first. The concept of American Exceptionalism and Individuality that has driven our Country from a minor player on the world stage to the greatest power in modern history. Short of the Roman Empire, no other republic has given its citizens and those subject to its laws greater opportunity and reward for advancing their own needs. From the growth of the middle class after WWII to the present era, America has laid bare the rewards of self-reliance and determination, but where did we go wrong? When did the American Dream become the nightmare of dependence and how do we get it back. Today we speak about the errors of our ways and the goals of returning the greatness of America and her leadership in the world to its rightful place; The American People.

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