Riots and Social Engineering, The Warren Markowitz Show 04/28/2015

Riots and Social Engineering, The Warren Markowitz Show 04/28/2015.

The Warren Markowitz Show, It’s My World You Just Live In It. A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day. What can we learn from the riots now taking place in Baltimore? Is it simply about police action, civil liberties,equality, economics, justice? Or is it about society and its degrading standards and faltering results? At what point do we return to an era or responsibility, to a time when our success and failures were our fault or our doing? Can we use the cries and screams of the rioters to push our society into a balanced nature? Lets find out where these thoughts go and if we can get there. Join me. Podcast: Follow us on & & our new home on Support the podcast, use the next level of autonomy, cryptocurrency: BTC: Azen7A8rsEwQ84SCB3ZsbuYALpNCGgqNc