Its Thanksgiving 2014, the Ferguson Riots, Illegal Immigration and the Economy are fresh in our minds. We join today to remember and honor what is good and what we are thankful for, but we must remember that we are the important ones today. Not those that wish to undermine our success, or belittle our failures. Today we look at the events of the past week and remember that tomorrow brings another day, and another opportunity to rise to the occasion and fight the good fight. Pick up the fork and grab a leg, today is a day of family and friends, unfortunately tomorrow our confused and misguided leadership will still be here tomorrow.
Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is. Have you been holding it in? Wouldn’t you like to put things in place?
Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It.
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