Politically Incorrect- KLAV 1230am – The Warren Markowitz Show- 11/13/2014

Politically Incorrect- KLAV 1230am – The Warren Markowitz Show- 11/13/2014.

The election is over and BHO is promising to ignore the Constitution, the rule of law and the people of the United States as he is preparing to grant executive amnesty to nearly 4.5 million illegals. So, are you ready to pay for it? I’m not.

Are you ready to feel the pinch in the job market as nearly 2 million potentially eligible people come online for the limited jobs, in short requiring us to nearly double the non-farm payroll #’s in order to absorb the very people that are supposed to be good for us.

Its that time again, to rip the lid off a can of “whoop ass” and keep a runaway president inline with the law and the goals of a nation.

Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is. Have you been holding it in? Wouldn’t you like to put things in place?

Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It.






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