The Warren Markowitz Show 04/23 by Warren Markowitz | Blog Talk Radio

The Warren Markowitz Show 04/23 by Warren Markowitz | Blog Talk Radio.

What do you get when you combine self-hatred and fear? The answer is simple, you get the balance and mix that combine to promote victimization. If we are all victims then we can not change the path down which we travel. If we recognize the faults and errors of our ways we can change the path and move ourselves to success and prosperity. That is the American way; recognizing our faults and errors and making a change for the better. Regardless of whom you voted for in the past election, you exercised the most powerful tool in government by voting. Now we must recognize our failures and move to prevent future problems from developing. The murders that took place during the Boston Marathon of 2013 were not the fault of the spectators, runners or viewers on television. It was the fault of two brothers that looked to blame America for their lack of success or acceptance. In order to prevent this from happening again, WE as a Nation must stand up and deny the benefits of our great society to those that will use it against us. No longer shall be allow our doors to be open to those in the world that blame us for their problems and refuse to look inward to solve them. They must be taught that if there is a problem with everyone they meet, the problem likely lies within themselves. Immigration is the cornerstone of our societal growth, but allowing cancer to enter our homes will lead to nothing but our downfall. Its time to reform immigration and to close the doors to those that don’t deserve it. Politics, Constitutional Principles and the events of the day. Join me to discuss the politics that change and effect our everyday lives.